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Whether it is solar powered gates or other security or gate requirements, our team at The Gate Guy OKC is the professional gate company you need. We have grown up within Greater Oklahoma and enjoy servicing our community in the best way we know how. We have spent many years of our lives dedicated to improving the functionality and curb appeal of our client’s properties.

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Get the Best Driveway Gates Installation in Oklahoma city

Hiring a local gate company can help you get the work done whenever you need an existing slide gate repair, security gate repair or are in the market for a custom gate installation. Driveway gates can increase curb appeal and add value to your property. They can come in many sizes and shapes and for various reasons. Sometimes we require to keep things out like wild animals or intruders and other times we may need them to keep things in, like children and pets. Other times we may simply need them to specify the boundaries of our residential or commercial properties. The Gate Guy OKC knows everything there is to know about fence installation and gates and the wide range that is offered on the market to help you make the best choice for your residential or business property in Oklahoma. The Gate Guy OKC is a leader in all aspects of entry management features, dual gate security, and entry control in Oklahoma. We install and repair custom automatic gate openers, automatic security dual gates, swing gates, gate operators, custom driveway gates, slide gates, personal privacy fencing, telephone gain accessibility to systems, and much more. We also provide gate maintenance information after installation. We do business and residential fence installation. Call us today for a free quote at (405) 261 0475.


About Our Gate Opener and Fence Installer Oklahoma

We design excellent automatic electric gate openers as well as ornamental iron gates for residential driveways. We can also custom build iron gates that can protect your family and increase the curb appeal and add value to your home. Our custom-built driveway gates are the ideal finishing touch to the time and effort you’ve put into your home design. We can help you choose the best options for you at a competitive price.

We are the leading team of professional installers in Oklahoma, when it comes to the entry industry including electric openers, dual or single swing gate openers, sliding gateway openers, security openers, driveway openers, automatic openers, barrier gate openers, and remote gateway openers. After many years of providing fencing services and gateway installation, we have grown a strong reputation for our brand through our top quality maintenance and knowledge of how to help you resolve your accessibility and entry operator management concerns. We have been servicing our community in Oklahoma city and other surrounding cities for almost 20 years.

Problem-solving is what we are passionate about and helping to choose the right entry solution for our customers and ensuring their satisfaction offers us a sense of pride and has made us top in our field.

About Electric Gate and Gate Openers Oklahoma City

Automatic Gate Installation Oklahoma

A safety swing or sliding gateway may require a different opener. A chain drive is used to open sliding gates. It can be found at their base. A sliding doorway does not require a complicated motor. An easy-to-install electronic motor or automated entry opener can help you save time and money when it comes to entering and leaving your home, business or community. Most gateway openers are designed to work for a certain amount of weight. For example, if you have a wrought iron gate which is heavy, it is important to get an opener that can easily handle the weight. Using a top quality entrance opener will also ensure that the driveway opener will act as designed. And will continue to function for a long time.

We also offer high quality solar powered entrance operators. Entrance openers make it easy to open and close your gate. We also offer gateway repair services if your existing entry opener is not working and we work with safety standards. [xfield_company-name] has the expertise to install an electric gate motor opener that will make your life easy at the best price.

Access Control Installation and Fencing Services

Our Access Control Services Oklahoma

A commercial access control system is an electronic system that controls who can open the doorway or gain access to a building, floor, or room within a building. It is possible to give different entry levels to others without having to use a key. Modern organizations are constantly noticing the benefits of an access control system. Multi-layered access systems are possible. Multi-layering allows you to limit access to different parts of your facility. The entire system can also be automated and connected to provide a variety of conveniences. The Gate Guy OKC assists businesses and selected residences with installing high quality accessibility systems. Our team is always up to date with the latest access control regulations to help you choose the best options for your needs at the best price and to guide you throughout the process.

Our company is known throughout our local area as the experts for gateway motor repair and other services associated to quality gates whether swing gates or sliding gates. This means that we offer a range of different services to ensure that we are able to satisfy each of our customer’s needs with safety standards connecting to the gates within their residential or business property. These services include driveway gates, slide or swing entry operators, personal privacy fencing, and access control services. To allow us to give the service levels our customers have actually come to expect from us. We work with a range of driveway opener brands and product types. We also provide the right maintenance as our post-care service. We have quickly explained these choice of services here, however, if you would like more details follow the links through to the dedicated services.

Driveway Gates Oklahoma

Having your property installed with security gates on your driveway is one of the best ways to secure your property. Our team provides our clients with iron gates, metal gates, sliding gates, and any other
custom driveway gates whether single or dual swing gates to suit the needs of your property. We are known for our precision when we work to provide gateway installation for our clients and ensure that they both look great and function perfectly.

Liftmaster Gate Opener Oklahoma

To make sure that our clients are able to have the best possible gateway both in manufacturing and installation, we work with some of the top product entrance opener brands on the market at affordable prices. The driveway openers we frequently use and recommend include a LiftMaster gate opener, US automatic gate opener, Apollo, HySecurity gate operator, and Doorking. These are all well-known reputable product brands so you can be confident that your new driveway is in the safe hands of the experts.

Electric Gate Openers OKlahoma City

There is a range of different electric gates our team is able to provide for you, but the most popular is the electric automatic gates. We are able to provide our clients with a range of solar-powered gates and commercial security gates in a range of different forms. Whether you are looking for a dual swing opener or a single sliding opener, we have the perfect solution for your property. We work with only the best swing entrance operator to ensure that you receive the best gateway and/or repair services.

Access Control Oklahoma

For any custom automatic gate, you will require some form of access control security system to grant entry with permission. The most common form of accessibility control includes remote controls, telephone opening systems, and keypad opening. We are well known for our precision in entry control installation ensuring that the wiring is done correctly for the smooth operation of your custom gate.

Fence Company Oklahoma

As a reliable professional gate and fence company, we are well known throughout [location] for our wood fences, metal fences, dog fences, and stockade fences as well as a number of entry solutions and repairs. If you require a fence installation or driveway gate and want it to reflect the high standards in which you keep your property, you need to contact the experts. We will work with you to find a solution that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Privacy Fencing Oklahoma

Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, something we all have in common is our desire for privacy. We provide our clients with a wide range of privacy fences including wood fences and vinyl fences that will blend in with your surroundings and add to the presentation of your property, as well as provide you with home security and the privacy you greatly desire.

The Gate Guy OKC
Google Reviews

Stephen Carns

This is how business should be done. I called Shawn yesterday because my old opener motor seized. He came out yesterday, assessed the situation and recommended a new opener. My other one was over 30 years old so it was time. Shawn came out today installed the new one, and it works great, looks great, and the process was easy. The days of calling someone, getting a price, agreeing on a service and having the company do what they say they will are almost gone. Shawn did what he said he would, did it well, and followed up after. I highly recommend this company. Great experience.

Arlinda Gleffe

Twice I’ve had a problem with my auto gate in the backyard. It’s 22 ft long and heavy, the company that put it in did a really bad job. I called Shawn he came out and fixed the welding issue on the pole, that was the first time. A year or so later I called Shawn again, the concrete in my main post was all destroyed. He came out on one day and broke it all down, fixed the post properly and dug post out put more concrete in, a lot more. Let sit for couple days to harden and came back out and fixed it all properly! Did a great job and I’m excited not to have to walk out and open and close gate manually anymore. It is really sturdy also! Thanks Shawn !!!!


A beautiful iron gate with a driveway sensor and two remotes were installed. The Gate guy did a great job with both installation and communicating with the project. Thanks!

Larry Taylor

The gates were installed on time as promised. The look and quality are excellent! Gates work perfectly. Would highly recommend them for any automatic gate needs.


We install gate openers, access control, and driveway gates throughout Oklahoma and the surrounding area, including:

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The county seat of Oklahoma County ranks 25th among United States cities in population. The population has been growing and is estimated to be over 790,000. Oklahoma is a progressive city in Oklahoma. It has a longitude of 35.4676° and latitude 97.5164. There are many businesses and properties in Oklahoma city, Oklahoma which need an opening system like driveway gates, gateway openers or entrance operators, and access control systems and parts accessories. As the most reliable gateway company, we serve homes and businesses throughout this area and other neighboring cities by installing fences, gates, gateway operators, and access control.


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If you have require or desire a new gate or fence installed on your property, our team of experts will gladly guide you. We are experienced in the design and installation of a range of different fences whether they be for functional or privacy requirements. We can help you find the perfect solution for your property. If you are interested in hearing more about the services we offer, would like to know our pricing, or want to book a service, please don’t hesitate to call our team of friendly staff today. We offer great competitive prices!