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There are many benefits of having a fence within your property, be it to keep your children and pets safe inside your property, keep unwanted people and animals off your property, or simply to get some privacy. Having a fence installed around your property can provide you with the privacy you need without the thought of prying eyes looking over at what you are doing within the comfort of your own home. Here we will discuss a few options to give you the privacy you desire while increasing the appearance to improve the security and value of your property.


Wood Fence

The classic wooden fence has been one of the longest standing methods to provide us with some privacy within our properties. Having overlapping wooden panels or tightly flush timber can provide us with exactly that whilst also providing us with the option of painting it in any color we desire, whether it be to blend in with our property or stand out as a feature. A wood fence is a fantastic budget-friendly option for our clients who are seeking privacy and security. There is a range of designs to select from with wooden fences whether you want them to have a decorative edge or a sleek square-cut finish.

Vinyl Fence

If you are looking to add a modern touch of style and class to your property, a vinyl fence will be able to provide you with exactly that. The options when it comes to vinyl fences are near limitless, which is why we are sure you will be able to find one that perfectly suits your aesthetics as well as provides you with the privacy you desire. Vinyl fences do not require any maintenance which makes them a fantastic option for the long term investment and peace of mind for our clients. If you would like some inspiration for your fence, please ask our team at Gate Guy OKC for examples of our previous work.

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Residential Fence

Being within your home can give you the illusion of privacy if there is no one within the home, but there can often be intrusive eyes peering in from the street or nosy nearby neighbors. Having our team at Gate Guy OKC provide you with a beautiful fence that enhances your property as well as provides you with the privacy and security you desire. Long gone are the days where fences are an eyesore and can often become a notable feature of the external appearance of your home.

Commercial Fence

We understand that our commercial clients within Oklahoma want to have some privacy so that they can go about their daily business uninterrupted. Our team at Gate Guy OKC has installed fences for a number of our commercial clients and are able to provide advice and guidance based on our knowledge and experience to help our clients make the right selection for their property. If you would like to find out more about commercial fencing, please contact our friendly team.

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