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When you are looking to have an automatic gate installed in your property, along with the careful section of the contractor you wish to install it, you also need to put some consideration into the brand of gate opener you wish to use. Whether that be LiftMaster gate opener or another brand. As a reputable gate installation company, we only work with the best gate opener manufacturers to ensure the products we use are consistent with our level of service. Our team of professionals are the experts at automatic gate installation and are always happy to provide our clients with guidance of reputable gate opener brands, some of which we will give an overview of here.


LiftMaster Gate Opener OKC

Having a good understanding of quality gate openers will have a big impact on the smooth function and longevity of your automatic gate. One of the brands we highly recommend is LiftMaster Gate Opener. They provide high-quality openers that are used widely throughout the United States due to their reputation as a highly durable gate opener brand. These are ideal for both residential and commercial properties with their strong history with remote control access for easy operation for our clients.

Apollo Gate Opener

Apollo gate openers are a favorite of our commercial clients as they are durable and have a worldwide presence. We have installed a number of these openers for our clients, both commercial and residential and all have been happy with the inconspicuous appearance and smooth functioning of these gate openers. If you are looking for a strong and reliable brand in the gate opening field, Apollo Gate Openers certainly deserve to have their hat thrown into the ring. They provide high quality and affordable options so that all our clients are able to have access to the luxury products they deserve.

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HySecurity Gate Operators

Our clients have always been exceptionally satisfied with the use of HySecurity gate opening systems within their property. They are industry leaders in both the swinging and sliding gate areas due to their reputation for the longevity of their operating systems. They are helpful in providing assistance if there is ever a need for troubleshooting the system and their reliability and accountability is one of the areas that has seen them become so well known throughout the industry. If you are looking for reliability and security, then HySecurity is certainly working consideration.

Doorking Gate Openers

Doorking is well known throughout the industry for their durable door openers as well as their interconnected security access systems. One of the benefits of Doorking is that they provide the gate opening solution as well as the security access solution, meaning that we have consistency in information and know that the technology will work well together. It is also exceptionally beneficial in isolating issues and dealing with Doorking as they oversee both areas. If you are looking for a well-established brand in the gate opening and security access area, Doorking is certainly an option Gate Guy OKC recommends for our clients.

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