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It would look quite funny as well as be completely pointless to have a gate without a surrounding fence. This is why our team at Gate Guy OKC are the specialists in not only gates but also the required supporting fences. A gate is incomplete without a fence, which is why we offer our clients fences that are consistent with the design of their gate and provide a sense of completeness to their property. Here we discuss a few different types of fences to help provide a functional and appealing property.

Metal Fence

One of the benefits of metal fences is the ability to have them in a range of different colors to suit the exterior theme of your property. Metal fences provide stability and security to property and come in a range of different designs to provide you with a unique touch. We have installed metal fences for a number of our clients and we would be more than happy to show you examples of these to provide you with inspiration for your property.

Dog Fence

If you have active pets who like to explore, although you may want to encourage their curiosity it is often a requirement to have a fence to keep them safe within your property. If the sole purpose for your fence is just to keep your dog within your property, you may not need to have an exceptionally high fence. Having a fence that is either half or three-quarters of the standard fence height will provide you with the security you need for your pet as well as the benefit of being able to clearly see out to the street. This is the perfect balance of protection, security, and openness that can really benefit a home.

Stockade Fence

A stockade fence is one of the most traditional forms of fence that is created from simple wooden boards. They are secured closely together to provide a flush fence with no gaps, providing complete privacy. You are able to have a range of styles, whether you would like to have a pointed fence or something square. As these are created from wood, they are able to be painted in a way that will blend in and even enhance the appearance of your property. This is an effective and affordable option for those who require a fence on a budget while not compromising on quality.

Commercial Fence

Many of our commercial clients value their privacy and also want to protect their investment within their commercial property. Having a fence installed by our professional team at Gate Guy OKC is sure to provide you with the security and privacy your business needs for peace of mind. We provide our commercial clients with a range of different high-quality fencing solutions dependent on what their needs are. We are happy to consult our clients and provide them with options we believe will best suit their property and service their needs.

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