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If you have decided that it is time to increase the security at your property, one of the most effective and practical ways to do this is to install a security gate with an Electric Gate Opener at your property. When it comes to security gates, there is a range of options you have from swinging and sliding gates and boom gates as well as the option for solar powered gates. Our team at Gate Guy OKC loves helping our clients work through the options available to them to help find the right solution for their property. Here we will give an overview of these options and where they are best suited to optimize a property’s security.


Solar Powered Gate

Gate Guy OKC are big advocates for environmental awareness, which is why we recommend renewable energy sources for our clients. Having a solar-powered gate is a responsible and reliable option as its primary source of energy comes from the solar panels connected to it. If you are thinking this is not so reliable, there is nothing to worry about as these can be backed up with other power sources. You can do your part for the environment whilst also securing your property with the use of solar-powered gates through the industry professionals.

Commercial Security Gates

Our commercial clients have vastly varying needs depending on the type of commercial operation they have. Luckily for the commercial property owners of Oklahoma, they have a team of experts here to help them with all their security gate needs. We provide our clients with heavy-duty security solutions such as boom gates, swinging gates, and sliding gates to meet the layout of the property and the flow of traffic on a regular basis. All our commercial gate options are designed to cater to heavy traffic flow and continuous operation so you can have peace of mind with your new security element.

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Swing Gate Opener

Swing gates with an Electric Gate Opener are gates that move forwards or backward, folding in towards the property. These are a great solution for properties that do not have significant space on either side of the driveway to the property. A swinging gate will sit along the side of the driveway when the gate has been opened to ensure that it does not obstruct the path of the driver. This has been one of the longest-standing security gate solutions throughout the country and as such the processes involved with it have been well refined for smooth operation.

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Garrin Bratcher

Shawn was great to work with. He made the time to get my gate opener installed on short notice. Professional work and it works great!


Beautiful iron gate with driveway sensor and two remotes were installed. The Gate guy did a great job with both installation and communicating with the project. Thanks!

Larry Taylor

The gates were installed on time as promised. Look and quality are excellent! Gates work perfectly. Would highly recommend them for any automatic gate needs.

Tiana Douglas

The owner and his employees were responsive, professional and thorough. They didn’t try to sell us things we didn’t need, but listened to how we wanted to use the system and sold us good products that work the way we want to use them. We would certainly recommend them

Sliding Gate Opener

If you have a large open space with a bordering fence, a sliding gate may be a good option for you. Sliding gates are favored by many of our clients as they take up no additional room within a property. This is due to the fact that the gate slides sideways along the fence line to allow the opening for vehicles and pedestrians. Sliding gates provide a sleek and smooth look to enhance the security of a property.

Barrier Gate Operator

If you need a barrier gate for your commercial premises we have a variety of solutions for you and can supply and install both the barrier gate arm and the operator to run it  and successfully secure your property.

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